Shetland Sheep Dogs (Shelties)

I’ve been thinking, well I am always thinking, but seems like I have been a lot lately. I have not been tending to the blog on our page as I thought I would, so I chose today to start back up. Our blog postings are really just thoughts, ideas, experiences, and “seeds”. No special content, … Read more

Are You Kidding Me?

“Mmmm, honey we have to go pick up 15 chickens and 1 roster.” I was a bit timid in telling Quinn that after I had purchased the goat babies the day before and brought with me three rabbits, that we now had to go get chickens. Quinn had worked outside all day making a place … Read more

Samson, Abigail, and Hannah

While surprising Quinn with baby goats, I made a little detour and picked up three rabbits. When I carried out the male rabbit I thought about Samson and his incredible strength in the story of the Bible. This little rabbit was housed in the far back corner of the yard where I purchased him from. … Read more

Oliver and Sarah Love

Oliver and Sarah are growing fast. I am amazed how busy they are and how high they can jump. Needing to be fed every two hours has proven to be a challenge, especially on work days. Quinn has learned the fine art of nursing and he is doing a darn good job. Uncle Brian pitches … Read more

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are Here

We were curled up under the covers trying to warm up after a busy day. “Honey, we have a farm but no animals.” What I was thinking is it didn’t make any sense to have a new farm with no animals. Quinn was sweet and said okay he would support me in my searching. I’m … Read more