I’ve been thinking, well I am always thinking, but seems like I have been a lot lately. I have not been tending to the blog on our page as I thought I would, so I chose today to start back up. Our blog postings are really just thoughts, ideas, experiences, and “seeds”. No special content, no earth shattering information. Read and enjoy as you will.

There are so many things that are shifting in the world today. This morning the dogs started moving around at their “normal” time. The time was an hour later than “normal” do to daylight savings and the shift of the clock. It really didn’t matter to the pups. Their internal clock said it was way later than their “normal” time to go out, bark a little, relieve themselves, and eat. I began to think about us as humans. We get set in our was and when things shift we become uncomfortable. We become uneasy. When there is a difference we look for a way to go back to the “normal” we have been conditioned to respond to. Unlike the pups who went on about their day, barking, running, and playing; our human approach is to resist change and spend our days “getting back to normal.”

“Just be”

Today we went about our day and business on the farm. We thanked the Lord for our day. Quinn poured cement to finish up the pump house project and I worked on an order of fiber. Arianna helped me with fiber and spent time on the tire swing. Life was calm and the day warm. I felt odd at dusk because it seemed lighter than usual. Oh that’s right, “usual”, did I want things back to normal? Do we as people adjust as quickly as the pups or do we spend a great deal of time and energy trying to “figure things out” and get things back to the status quo.

My daddy told me at the time of his death; “Moment to moment we progress, we change, only to be all we can be in that moment” Such wisdom. Shouldn’t we all do our very best for God, our families, and one another as we move through the changes in the moments in our lives? Like the pups, shouldn’t we make the most of each moment and spend far less time trying to find “normal?”

I decided, for me, to just be. To breathe and enjoy each God given moment as if it were the last. There is no such thing as “normal” or status quo. We have a choice to be.

Have wonderful day/evening/week.

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