Samson, Abigail, and Hannah

rabbitWhile surprising Quinn with baby goats, I made a little detour and picked up three rabbits. When I carried out the male rabbit I thought about Samson and his incredible strength in the story of the Bible. This little rabbit was housed in the far back corner of the yard where I purchased him from. He was with other male rabbits who beat up on him, yet he survived. Covered with urine, I brought him home, named him Samson, and gave him a sink bath. He wasn’t too impressed, but smelled a lot better.Quinn built him his own royal palace made from an old dog kennel. He will be the father of many fryer rabbits in the future. He is settling in nicely and exceptionally friendly. I couldn’t leave with out friends for Samson so I picked up two little twelve week old females, who now have been named Abigail and Hannah. Abigail and Hannah seemed appropriate names because Abigail means “my father’s joy” and I was so giddy happy with my new farm animals I was singing praises to God. Hannah means “favor or grace” and because of God’s favor, we have a farm and animals.

Soon the bunnies will be rabbits and we will put them into meat production. The lady I got them from will share some great recipes. As a little girl I had rabbits and daddy faithful butchered them and mama fixed them into something fantastic to satisfy our bellies. I will share recipes as time goes on.

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