Nigerian Dwarf Goats are Here

Sarah the goat

We were curled up under the covers trying to warm up after a busy day. “Honey, we have a farm but no animals.” What I was thinking is it didn’t make any sense to have a new farm with no animals. Quinn was sweet and said okay he would support me in my searching. I’m not really certain he thought I would actually find little goats to buy.  I think he was thinking searching would take me some time.


I have Fridays off and spend the mornings praying and worshiping our Father. Part of my prayers over the last few weeks was for God to lead me and let me know what He had in store for us on our farm and what would help the children learn responsibility while feeling loved. Following my prayer time, I started looking on Craig’s list for goats, chickens, and rabbits. Not sure why I was looking for these animals other than that is what I started looking for. Low and behold, there was an add for two two day old bottle baby Dwarf Nigerian goats. I left a message on the number listed. Ashley called me back and told me about the babies. I was convinced. I picked the babies up at four Friday afternoon. on January 30, 2014 we became the proud owners of Oliver and Sarah.

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